Store Documents Digitally, Access Services Instantly

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State-of-the-art security and privacy

MyPass uses blockchain-based technologies to ensure you are always in control of your records, and you decide who gets to see them. 

Blockchain technology allows us to digitally scatter your records and give you the only key to bring them back together again. Nobody, not even the city, can access a single piece of your records without your explicit permission.

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Accepted city-wide

If you have ever struggled to find the paperwork you need just to see a doctor, or to get essential benefits, you know how disruptive it can be to you life.  


The Mayor's Blockchain Challenge

Scenes from the MyPass Austin Hackathon

In July, Austin's blockchain community came together to help develop solutions for those experiencing homelessness.

Over 75 participants joined the Mayor's Blockchain Challenge to help hack homelessness. The 7 teams each helped develop innovative blockchain components for MyPass, including solutions for onboarding, authentication, and document storage and retrieval.

MyPass Austin Partners

These folks are making a difference for all Austinites

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